Sunday, 10 March 2013

Wedding cake style

Types of wedding cake

Assalamualaikum B&B peeps,

I hope you're doing well and having a piece of cake while reading my post and having a rest after a bzbzbzbz day. I've been thinking hard on what I should write on my first post. To tell you the truth, after making a list of 30 titles to name my cakes i've hit a wall! But I guess this is the best which is "wedding cake styles"

The moment you get engaged, leading up to your big day, it's very important to actually think about the style or theme of your wedding. And it's crucial that every selection you make such as color choice for your wedding goes in the right direction. You really don't wanna start with a fairy tale idea and end up in a jungle of confusion.

So here are some cake styles that I think is out there and up there with a touch of class:

A) modern- its usually a very simple, well covered cake with one big rose on top
For someone who thing "less is more" this is a perfect choice

B) traditional - usually its an all white cake or a bit of gold to represent richness
- but even though it's plain white, the piping work is very elaborate
- its covered with royal icing and for this design, I would suggest a rich fruit cake. as the cake taste better with time, it's ideal because the process to get the piping work done takes a longer time to complete as compared to other designs

C) art for art sake - dream the design with creativity and it's a definitely gonna be a conversation art piece

D) colour block - this is a very brave choice but colour choices to match have to be clever so that it won't end up as art for art sake instead of fashionable

E) vintage - this is a favorite at the moment
- colors are pastel grayish
- design is usually I would say very subtle

F) flowery - perfect for garden wedding I personally love this design u can tell From my portfolio hehehehhe

I hope you enjoy reading and get the picture of how important a theme is. By now I really hope you know what theme you would choose for you wedding cake. Trust me all da browsing and searching as you look for the design of your perfect cake will be worth it on the day of your wedding. Or here, at bread and butter, we also design to personalize your one of a kind wedding cake.

Ok BnB peeps! Till the next post. Remember a piece a cake a day will make your blues go away


Monday, 19 March 2012

ICCA Cake Competition 2011

Event : ICCA Cake Competition 2011
Date : 28 September 2011
Venue : Sunway Giza, Kota Damansara
Mission : Improving Self Confidence & Get Some Feedback From Third Party
   It is a big day to Bread & Butter because, for the 1st time we participated in cake competition. The judge is the famous Chef in Malaysia which is Dato' Chef Wan... wowww. We are very nervous with the competition, not sleep for 2 days to prepare our cake and last thing before send it to Sunway Giza, we got some "argument" in the car (Erin is so nervous and she try to be cool.... HUH). Before we "show off" our cake, i will take you all to look over the cake genius's best creations for 2011.

awesome rite! and  this is ours.....

ehehehehehe (very unique because it make Alan Dunn stop there for sometime...)

Friday, 9 March 2012

Lawatan Sambil Belajar - The Mines

Event : Cartoons & Figures Cake Exhibition
Date : 15 July 2011
Venue : The Mines
Mission : Walk Walk Find Food

Pergh.... chili crab

Madagascar.... yeahhh

Finding Nemo "jgn takut, aku xmakan ko ikan warna-warni"

what cartoon is this? anyone know?

Alien Vs Predator (why the Predator soo small... aish)

How is it? so awful rite. Need focus n concentration doing that.Wait for next post ok... many stories & pics

Welcome Note

Hi all...

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